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Seishun Walker - Joint with JShoujo (10/10/10)

Ah~ Finally Story 1 of Seishun Walker (Youth Walker) is done. ^^ It was definitely long overdue. >o< 
Well, we're still going to be working slowly and quietly... and since I can't exactly update the forum much, I'm going to move all 
the download links here and probably close down the forum. The chatbox will also be moved here though.
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TitleSeishun Walker- Joint with JShoujo
Summary: Being a tomboy who loves to get into fights, Ouka's had zero-luck in the love department. The motto she lives by leans more towards "Be Yourself" than "Be Ladylike," and she follows that to a T. But lately, her long time friend Mashima's been on her case about how she should act "more like a girl".... 

Well here's the first story: Download

Seishun Walker- Joint with JShoujo
Translator: Oceansportrait [Jshoujo]
Proofreader: Anya [JShoujo]
Editor(s): Anni & Kuroshiro [KyonPyon]
QCer(s): Oceansportrait & Anni [KyonPyon&Jshoujo]